Kakishibu Dyed Petite Sling Bag
Kakishibu Dyed Petite Sling Bag
Kakishibu Dyed Petite Sling Bag
Kakishibu Dyed Petite Sling Bag

Kakishibu Dyed Petite Sling Bag

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Image shown is our cedar brown Kakishibu dyed petite sling bag in Irish Linen.

Dyed with Kakishibu, it is known and loved for being a great alternative to synthetic colours. Perfect for the light travellers, or fit for a quick run to your favourite grocer. We added in a corner utility fastener for easy access to keys, badges, keychains and more, with every intention of eliminating the occasional digging.
The organic design formed on the inner side of the bag is a unique result of painting and blotting dyeing techniques. A one-of-a-kind character indeed.



- Adjustable single strap simply by tying a knot according to your preferred length

- Steel fastener

- Dimensions: 11.5” x 10.5” (Inches)

- Strap length: 36" (End to end in inches)

- Orders will be fulfilled within 7 days as our products are hand crafted upon your order. Otherwise, please allow up to 14 days during busy period.

- Slight deviations in size and colour may occur as each product is hand made from scratch



- Japanese Cotton

For light-medium weight carry. This compact material is known for its softness, and is unlike any other. It is durable and fine, creating a long-lasting luxurious feel. Rather malleable in nature, some users find its contortion rather charming.

- Japanese Denim

For medium-heavy weight carry. Starting with a dense woven thread material, it gives our products its sturdiness and structure. An artisan’s favourite.

- Irish Linen

For light-medium weight carry. Sought after by many for being a sustainable fabric, it is also has other vast benefits such as durability and antibacterial properties. Being highly absorbent and pure in nature, it cultivates the most beautiful ageing process, making it sentimental to many natural dyers around the world.



- Kakishibu dye (Persimmon tannin dye)

- 100% organic & non-toxic

- Texture of bag will be stiff at first due to natural properties of the dye. However, it softens after use



- For thorough cleaning, turn the bag inside out before hand-washing in cold water. Adding a mild detergent is optional. Hang to dry in a shaded area. Please refrain from using bleach, highly citrus liquids or dry cleaning. 

- To retain its shape, iron the product on a low heat setting.