Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip
Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip
Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip
Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip
Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip

Kakishibu Dyed Mask Clip

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Images shown are cedar brown, stone grey, persimmon mask clips respectively.
Inspired by detritus, or better known as the forest floor, is one of the most distinctive features of a forest ecosystem. Branches, barks, stems and roots are exactly what the unique brown hues and variance in contours represent.
Dyed with Kakishibu, its botanical nature encourages further deepening and fading in colour.


- Hand braided

- Steel lobster clasp fasteners 

- Easy to attach

- Compatible with all masks

- Length: 26.5" (End to end in inches)

- Orders will be fulfilled within 7 days as our products are hand crafted upon your order. Otherwise, please allow up to 14 days during busy period.

- Slight deviations in length and colour may occur as each product is hand made from scratch


- Do not shower or swim with this chain


- Japanese Cotton

For light-medium weight carry. This compact material is known for its softness, and is unlike any other. It is durable and fine, creating a long-lasting luxurious feel. Rather malleable in nature, some users find its contortion rather charming.


- Kakishibu dye (Persimmon tannin dye)

- 100% organic & non-toxic

- Due to the natural properties of the dye:

  • Texture of the fabric might be stiff at first but softens over use
  • Shade of dye might darken overtime after long exposure to sunlight


Do not shower or swim with the product as it may cause oxidation on the steel fasteners.